The atmosphere of Venice lagoon with its magic splendor are very visit and stays parks provide an experience strong to those who visit for pleasure, but it is not always easy bear this “magic” routine for those in Venice is born. For some, the fear of leaving the island creates discomfort la stessa cosa and can lead to wrong decisions, in the best /worst case to addiction of alcohol or drogues. The theme of the video is focused on the use of drugs in a setting in boundary between panoramic lagoon and landscapes crumbling. Sometimes even the best dream can end in a nightmare.I helped in the initial phase to the implementation of some shots, and then in post-production I joined the team in the preparation of the scenes in the video, using Cinema 4D, a modeling 3D program and animation video.

Project Details

  • Theories and techniques of representation, Massimiliano Ciammaichella
  • with Ugo Bosco, Ivo and Nicola Pisanti
  • University IUAV of Venezia
  • September 2012

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