My project is inspired by the quote „a word is a shadow of the action“ made by the ancient greek philosopher Democritus. The goal is to animate this quotation by bringing out the peculiarity of the expressed meaning. The shadow has always been a symbol of humanity and it is impossible for one to divide from its own shadow because it is the sign of one‘s life, one‘s being and one‘s existence. The intensity of the shadow depends on how strong the object is being illuminated by the sunlight, which almost seems to symbolize the fact that light doesn‘t exists without the shadow. On the basis of these reflections we can maintain that the „word“ only exists with a soul, whose actions are the result of an controlled impulse and a congenital link.
The user of my installation will soon notice, while interacting, that the text and background depending on the movement assume the same color. The presence of a shadow is what makes the text visible or at least perceptible and its movement determines the perceptible borders of the letters, separating them from the two-dimensional level and becoming three-dimensional.

Project Details

  • Intensive course of Performing Arts, Klaus Obermaier
  • University IUAV of Venezia
  • July 2013

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